Sunday, 19 August 2018

Charity auction - handbuilt koa soprano ukulele by D J Morgan

Well, as I told you in my last post, it's fair to say that my life is not what it was a year ago. A list of changes would be a long list, consisting of things I can no longer do. This time last year I was going to the gym three times a week, trying to build strength and fitness, hoping that perhaps that was all that was needed; I hadn't quite come to the certain conclusion that there was something very seriously wrong. I was still driving, visiting friends and family, going to the shops, going for my ukulele lessons with Phil Doleman… I had danced for the last time but I didn't know it. I'm not going to do the list of things I can't do any more, it really is too depressing and I'm determined not to let depression get a hold of me. But the fundraising.... as soon as I had my diagnosis and went to the MND Care Centre to see my new neurologist and his team, I was put in touch with the MNDA. Motor Neurone Disease Association. Already they have helped me with getting a stairlift, and support is there at the end of the phone if we want advice... I thought it important to start fundraising for them. I started a Just Giving page, and a Fightback Fund on the MNDA website. People have given so generously... and some friends are fundraising for the MNDA themselves, because it's really the only way to fight this disease. Help support the sufferers and their families; fight to find a cure. Half the people diagnosed with this are gone in less than two years... the going isn't nice. They tell me that mine is progressing slowly... but month to month I'm aware that I'm weaker and more wobbly. But I can still play, although a fall a few weeks ago set me back, when I hurt my hand.

I'll tell you about the friend who is bungee-jumping off the Middlesborough Transporter Bridge in a couple of weeks time to raise funds... I'll tell you about the friend who is shaving her head... aren't they absolutely mad and totally brave and wonderful? And right now I'll tell you about the D J Morgan uke auction.

Dave Morgan has become my friend since I bought one of his wonderful ukuleles back in 2015. I posted about it here. It wasn't long before I bought a second uke from him, my beloved Sprucy Lucy, my favourite uke that is the one that I play the most. I also have the first mini-pineapple that he built, and another soprano, a mahogany one that I had so I could keep one in D tuning. Four D J Morgan ukuleles and I love them. Dave decided that he would build a special uke to auction for my charity, the MNDA. We talked about it, decided on a soprano, he decided to build it in koa. As soon as it was finished, he brought it over to show me. It's gorgeous and sounds amazing! What an utterly fantastic, generous and selfless thing to do. He'll say he didn't want me to say that, but I'm saying it anyway because it's true!

So, here are the details... Koa soprano ukulele, MNDA Charity Auction...

Don't miss this! You can bid for this uke, wherever you are ... the woods are all able to be exported, free from CITES restrictions, and Dave will post out anywhere...good luck!

Thanks for coming back to see how things are going. Much appreciated!

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