Songs (3) Some more 7th chords to add

I've listed some songs using just C, G7 and F, (list 1)
And some more songs adding one or more of chords Am, Dm and C7.

The third set of chords to use to broaden your repertoire of songs is D7, E7 and A7.

Some great tunes for the banjo-uke....

Five Foot Two
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Sweet Georgia Brown
Side by Side

And for a wooden uke...

Hey Good Lookin
Home on the Range
House of the Risin' Sun
I Wanna be Like You
Just Walkin' in the Rain
Your Cheating Heart
Freight Train
Hi Hi Silver Lining

If you know others that would belong on this page, please use the comments box to tell me! Thanks!

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