Original Songs

At the end of June 2014 I was moved to write a song. Since then I have done a few more. If you watch, I hope you like them! Just more steps along the road.... latest is first, first is last...

My own recordings are simply done, singing and playing my uke into my webcam, no edits or improvements, nothing additional. I haven't got the technical how-how or equipment for that. So "raw" is the word... very raw...

October 2016
Come And Share Candy Kisses

September 2016
When You Are Young
Oh how the years go by!

April 2016
Ain't Got Time To Sing The Blues
First time I've EVER sung a blues song! That was fun to write and play.

March 2016
Mother I Know Your Raven Hair
Written about a family legend that goes back to at least the mid 1800's...

January 2016
It's 10.00 am At Hill And Midnight in Hawaii
Written for the friends who made us most welcome during our unforgettable trip to Hawaii

December 2015
Feathers On The Wind
(first recording here - I wrote this for a uke friend who was and is fighting cancer in the most courageous manner)

November 2015
Dark Days of Frost
A personal response to the news....

March 2015
On A Desert Isle With My Banjolele
With a niggling doubt as to whether I've actually heard this tune before....?

January 2015
Aftermath TC
Breakup Calypso
Written for one week in Seasons of the Ukulele - Ukulele Underground

December 2014
New Year Love Song (ballad)
Written for my darling and Long Suffering Husband, LSH

November 2014
Why Does Everybody Love a Snowman (novelty song)
Tread Softly to the Stable (Christmas carol)
(lovely cover done by pabrizzer)

I wrote both of these songs for a competition on the Ukulele Underground. I was fortunate to be the winner with the carol! Lucky me!

June 2014
The Wedding of Danny and Jo (folk)
Written for young friends after their wonderful and unforgettable wedding in Scotland

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