Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Johnny Foodstamp - A Banjolele Player among the Nashville Guitarists

JOHNNY FOODSTAMP - "I'll Take the Rest" - Douglas Corner - In the Round

Since the late 50's the guitar has reigned supreme..... and I love to hear a guitar, whether it's being played superbly by someone who has mastered their art, or strummed by an amateur for a sing-song. But - many would agree with me that there's something about the sound of a ukulele that touches parts that the guitar cannot reach... and the same can be said of the banjo-uke. In an earlier post I told how I first experienced that all those years ago at the Jug O'Punch.

What that unnamed hero was doing in the late 60's at the Jug, Johnny Foodstamp is doing now at Douglas Corner, a premier Nashville folk club - showcasing the banjo-ukulele George Formby-style to a folk audience - and wowing them. Here Johnny is singing a song he wrote himself, just the day before. The guitarists sitting either side of him on-stage look a little skeptical at the beginning - but end up rather impressed!

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