Sunday, 14 October 2012

A Ukafrolic with a difference - the London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra .... and Debbie!

I just knew it was going to be amazing - I'd seen the Youtube videos of these fellas - and I was not disappointed. Seriously great musicians - and a seriously funny act.
Joanna Stevenson, the leader of the uke group that I go to (Go Ukulele Crazy) had organised this concert for the group and their friends, and I had snaffled virtually the last tickets, hearing about it late... the London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra - with audience participation by the ukers. A Ukafrolic with a difference, and a village hall sell-out.

They - the LPSO - were simply fantastic. Wherever you are, if you get a chance to go and see them, DO... they are crazy, very funny, and great musicians, all... and they even played a uke, oh yes... as well as some of the craziest instruments I've ever seen. After all, you don't see someone play a saw with a violin bow that often - or a sousaphone, or a knee-trumpet - or a watering can! The list is endless, as is the list of mad costumes they throw on and off during the course of their act - I found myself in awe of the stage management they must do before a show to ensure all their crazy props and costumes are to hand - the sheer pace of the act takes your breath away. And they had worked in some uke participation - I swear there were a hundred ukes in that room - a ukafrolic never to be forgotten!

I have to say - LSH (Long-Suffering-Husband) - was really made to suffer on this occasion - for better or worse, our party of four had secured seats right at the front - and LSH made the mistake of making eye contact with one of the band. He was hauled up to "help out" ... and dressed in a Hawaiian shirt, a grass skirt, a silly hat and given a banana to shake..... oh dear. At least they didn't give him two coconuts to wear on his chest... idea for the next "victim", chaps? And he took it all in good part, cheerfully playing the role of rabbit caught in the headlights.

Another uker mate, Debbie, was sitting at the next table - and this is what happened to her!

Great sense of rhythm, Deb! Thanks do Debbie's partner for the video! Now LSH knows how to play his washboard! Two spoons, that's all you need! (Nah - thimbles - you just got to have thimbles!

Verdict on the evening - my friend Carol declared that it was the best night out she'd had in years.

'Nuff said. How are you going to top that one, Joanna? Thanks for organising a Ukafrolic that could be untoppable!

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