Friday, 11 January 2013

Dennis Taylor and "I Don't Like" - GFS March 1996

When I began to research banjo-ukes about a year ago, preparing to buy my first, it wasn't long before I came across Dennis Taylor's great website - so useful and informative! Invaluable tips for learners and loads of photos and interesting stuff about many different kinds of banjo-ukes... he was clearly an authority. I say "was" - because sadly, Dennis is no longer with us. I went to my first meeting of the George Formby Society last March, and quickly learnt of the very high esteem in which he was - and still is held. The sadness at his absence is still palpable. I wished I could have seen him perform.

Well, fortunately for us, Peter Pollard was at that time happiest behind a camera, and thanks to him, here is a great video of Dennis performing at the GFS in 1996. It's "I Don't Like", a 1937 Formby number.

And thanks to Peter's lovely videos, Dennis continues to inspire new players... young Lewis Clifton, for example. More on Lewis next time.....

As for Peter, you'll catch him at the GFS meetings, not only happily videoing the performances for posterity, but singing and playing beautifully himself, too.

Thanks for looking in - I'm back to practising my split-stroke and the shake....

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