Saturday, 2 August 2014

Manitoba Hal - Ukulele Blues book! I've got mine.....

Manitoba Hal - what a lovely fella, what a great blues man... it was Ken Middleton who introduced me to Hal's music a couple of years ago, and when Jo and John Stevenson of Ukulele Crazy arranged for Hal to come and do a concert and workshop for us locally, last October (2013) I couldn't wait. I posted about it here. Both the workshop and the concert were superb, unforgettable.... I have Hal's CD's on my ipod, playing in the car - Hal makes blues on the uke sound the most natural thing in the world.

Then a week or so ago, I was reminded that Hal has now produced a book on his blues method - so I ordered one. The good folk at the Great Northern Ukulele Festival are assisting Hal in getting this book "out there", and the magnificent Mary Agnes Krell posted my book out to me with a sticker for this years GNUF... and a very classy sticker it is, too -

As for Hal's Ukulele Blues book, there's plenty in there to keep me busy for quite some time - the strums, progressions, shuffle chords, turn arounds, pentatonic scales, a few songs and more... I've read high praise of it, and here I'm adding mine! Get stuck in there!

Get your copy from the Great Northern Ukulele Festival on this link

There's also a link the GNUF shop with other goodies on their webpage, here....

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