Thursday, 13 March 2014

This blog - 2yrs old today.

Two years ago today when I started this ukulele blog,
I wasn't at all sure, whether I would still be doing it one year hence, let alone two... but here I am, still strumming, still learning, still enthusing, still writing, still sharing my ukulele loves. I'm not exactly proud, but I am pleased. And you're reading this, so whoever you are, thank you for sharing with me right now!

When I began, I had just the two ukes in my cover photo - a Greg Bennett laminate mahogany (UK50) bought for me by my husband , and a newly bought little darling of a near-mint 1920's Slingerland banjo-uke in bird's eye maple. This time last year that had swelled to four wooden ukes, (two concert and two soprano) and three vintage banjo-ukes.

The toll now? Total of ten. The same three banjo-ukes, and seven wooden. People who are not uke people don't understand, they don't get it ... but uke people do, and guitar people do. Different instruments for different music. And the love of a beautifully-crafted, beautiful sounding one. During the last seven days, I have played all ten - I played four yesterday. You see, they don't just sit there.

There's a new tab at the top, labeled "My Ukes"

As for my playing, yes I know I'm getting better, little by little; I have to keep stretching myself, trying harder things, I get bored strumming three and four chord songs all the time. At last I don't feel that I'm a beginner any more, but there's still such a long, long way to go before I could consider myself "good at it". I promised you a video to show you how I'm getting on, but I just haven't had time for that yet. Perhaps next week, after the George Formby Society convention in Blackpool this weekend. There's nothing like the sound of strumming getting closer and closer as you walk down that corridor at the Imperial Hotel, and walk through the door into that wonderful atmosphere! So many friends have been made there since our first visit in June 2012. Lovely people, great fun. Roll on Saturday....

Thanks for looking in, bless you - now I must get back to my split-stroke, down-up-down down-up-down-down-up.....

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