Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2014 - Michael Adcock makes his mark!

I first met 16 year old Michael Adcock two years ago, the first time I went to a George Formby Convention at Blackpool. I remember admiring his Cartwright banjo-uke and chatting with him in the lobby of the Imperial Hotel as we waited for the doors of the convention room to open. Michael has long been a fan of Formby-style playing and is well used to taking the stage at Blackpool, wowing the audience with split-stroke prowess - but he hasn't stopped there.

There are quite a few talented young Formby syncopators right now; brilliant players, all of them - and boy, is it hard to play those Formby solos - but Michael is one player who has branched out and discovered the versatility of the wooden uke, including the music of Roy Smeck. Roy Smeck, self-styled "Wizard of the Strings" was as famous in America during the 1930's as George Formby was here in the UK. He played a number of fretted instruments including ukulele and dazzled his audiences with his playing. I've featured players of his music on here several times before...

Michael also became a huge fan of Peter Moss and has been studying his style, working hard to emulate his hero - to great result! Peter invited Michael to join him on stage at Blackpool, also at the Nantwich Ukulele Festival and now, this last weekend Michael joined Peter Moss and the other fringe players at the GNUF.

And his verdict? "Best weekend of my life!" Well deserved, I reckon.

And here are the pictures to prove it - playing this time with Phil Doleman and also with Ukulelezaza, Remco Hautman-Jannsen

Bottom - with the Mersey Belles and with Zoe Bestel....

Photos thanks to Teresa Adcock.

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