Monday, 12 January 2015

Ukey Dave - The Final Curtain

Today our friend Dave Withers, "Ukey Dave" to his friends the Seasonistas in the Ukulele Underground, is being laid to rest in his home town of Leicester.

He had a way with a song, he had a way a strum, he had a way with a video, and he had a way with people.

Each week, one of the Seasonistas hosts a light-hearted competition, a Youtube video with a song.... in September 2013, Dave took a turn, and this was his wrap-up video at the end of it. So very, very poignant now. He credits all the Seasonistas who took part that week. "The Final Curtain", "Stand By Me"... and they have, the Seasonistas, they have. Ukey Dave gave and gave, he hated to miss a Season, he loved to play and give support and encouragement to others - and now they're giving back.

Go and see.... Ukulele Underground, Seasons of the Ukulele, "Season 152,Bring me fun, bring me sunshine, bring me love for Ukey Dave"... has anyone had a week-long play-out like this is going to be.... he is already missed so much.

He came our way with music, with laughter, with encouragement and with love and we are all the richer for it.

I'm so glad I was one of the few Seasonistas fortunate enough to meet him and spend some ukulele time.

Thank you Dave, RIP.

My thoughts are with his family today.


  1. Beautiful words, Lesley.

    Dave was a true ukulele hero. I'll never forget how a simple question - 'What do you think of the Gretsch G9112?' - led to my having the good fortune to buy his uke. I'm enjoying learning some of the songs it already has in it, and look forward to 'teaching' it some of the ones I love.

    Meanwhile, I'll remember our friend with a smile every time I strum.

    Take care,


    1. Casey, thank you for your kind comments. How nice to have one of Dave's ukes, and to have this connection. Little things mean a lot, don't they......

  2. I don't usually "do" Blogs ...but I make an exception in this case ...lovely tribute....never met Dave other than online....nearly went to Hollesley and would have hooked up with him there and I think we were both skirting round an idea to get together and have a jam session this year...

    he did a collab on a vid I did of Folsom Prison Blues my eternal shame I never got round to commenting on it ...there was always going to be "another time " sadly we run out of those eventually, some before they should.......

    Right I'm not going to bang on ,

    soft bugger's gone

    well before he should have done....

    A salute of a struck chord and

    a song, that'll suffice ..

    I hope he'd nod and say

    That were nice..


    1. Thanks for those lovely comments, Chris... it does rather show us that there's no time like the present, doesn't it.... so sad.

  3. I'm not going to really bang on,

    soft bugger's left us

    He's moved on

    Before he should have

    and before his span was done ..

    but I'm beggared if I'm going to bang on..

    A salute from a uke ,a few chords, a song..

    Thats what he gets

    and when it's done

    I just hope he'd laugh

    and as many times before

    he'd utter the words

    Nice One

  4. Lovely tribute, Lesley. It was a miserable cold rainy day, but somehow full of warmth. xx

    1. Thanks so much for being there to represent us all Paul, and for everything else you have done to show Dave's family this part of his life.


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