Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year - and here's my New Year song ...

About six months ago, dear readers, I was moved to write a song. My first song. I'd been toying with the idea for a while but never tied anything up. I've kept that first song an unlisted video, it isn't public - but I did resolve to write more. The spur to do it came in November, when one of the great Seasonistas of the Ukulele Underground, "Pabrizzer" decided to hold a Christmas season songwriting competition. I banged in an entry, and with all the creative juices flowing I wrote another song the next day, a traditional carol - but didn't get time to do an entry video until Christmas Eve. I did a hurried video and entered it - and on Christmas Day Pabrizzer announced that my carol was the winner! I was over the moon, so elated - it's true that success is its own reward, but I am looking forward to my prize arriving in the post! Pabrizzer said some lovely things about my carol and did a lovely cover of it, I was so thrilled... please watch that, you can find it here...
My lovely family Christmas was made even more special, and I'll never forget it. Thank you Brian!

New Year Love Song is my latest. Dedicated to LSH (Long Suffering Husband) and to all Long Suffering Husbands and Wives, partners of ukulele players everywhere! Not a perfect performance - concentrating on the fingerpicking, voice not loud enough - and if you think you spot a line of melody or lyric that you've heard somewhere else, please tell me - because these things go in unconsciously, you just never know. But I enjoyed writing these songs - and working out the right chords to play is awfully good for practising playing by ear!

I hope you enjoy it....

Thanks for dropping in - I'll try to do some more catching up very soon!


  1. My goodness you are multi talented. Ive aways enjoyed your blog as you really are a great writer and I enjoy knowing what is happening across the pond with events I am unable to get to. But listening to your christmas carol. Wow! What a beauty. Thank you for sharing...on so many front. Best NY wishes to you and yours.......Regards, Morena

    1. Morena, thank you so much for this lovely, kind comment! It's great to get some real feedback on the blog... I'm glad you enjoy it! Glad you liked my songs, too. It's taken me a lifetime to get round to songwriting, and I agonise over the worth of these efforts! Best wishes to you and yours, too - from the middle of England!


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