Saturday, 6 April 2013

I have discovered - Patsy Monteleone

One by one it is my joy to discover wonderful ukulele artists, and some of them can back up their talents with great vocals. One such is Patsy Monteleone, one time of New York, whom I discovered on a newly recorded Youtube. It's one of those videos, one of those performers, one of those songs, that just hits that spot.... Patsy has just done this video to show off his beautiful new Argapa resonator uke, built for him by the very talented luthier, Sven Nyström of Sweden.

Please watch and enjoy another great Tin Pan Alley number, Love Me As I Am..... from 1941,music by Louis Alter and lyrics by another New Yorker Frank Loesser, (think for example "Guys and Dolls", "Baby It's Cold Outside") It's a song which should be learnt by any male uke songster, in my opinion! If LSH were to get further than a C chord, I'd surely make him learn it! And he would. Because it would suit him perfectly...... "I snore in my sleep..." yeah.....

You can read all about Patsy Monteleone in the on-line Uke magazine Ukulele Player Ukulele Player Issue 6, Artist Profile Patsy Monteleone

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