Wednesday, 11 June 2014

George Formby fans! New branch of the GFS to start in Chester!

Oh yes indeedy, Announcement! Hear this, hear this, a new branch of the George Formby Society is holding its first ever meeting in Chester on Thursday 3rd July!

From back to front, left to right - Greg Simister, Dennis Lee, Lewis Clifton, Cathy Darlington, Debbie Lee

Just look at this for a line-up of founder members.... the players shown here are all very active and talented members of the GFS, and regular readers and banjo-uke fans may recognise Lewis Clifton, whom I have featured a number of times in this blog, also Greg Simister, whose rendition of William Tell I featured here only a couple of posts ago! Dennis Lee (never seen without a smile and a word!) has been the Chairman of the GFS, and his wife Debbie recently made her Blackpool debut on the stage, to the warmest of GFS welcomes!

The Branch is being led by Cathy Darlington, another regular and popular performer whose lovely voice and ukulele skills I envy hugely!

So, where, you ask me.... Chester Rugby Club, 19.40, 3rd July and the first Thursday of the month thereafter! If you're a Formby fan in the North-West of England, want to play that super-syncopated strum, and to be a part of the warm family that is the GFS, be there! And I do believe the opening night will be quite something.....


  1. fantastic night .well attended and enjoyed by all well organized , brill opening night fans from all over the n. west , and Yorkshire

    1. Hi and thanks for taking the time and trouble to comment! I somehow knew this would be a roaring success! I do hope to make it up there some time!


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