Wednesday, 18 June 2014

James Hill - The Ukulele Way - Exciting new tuition series from the Master himself!

Now, James Hill is absolutely the Zeus of uke gods as far as I'm concerned, so I could not be more excited that he has just (yesterday) brought to the public a new online ukulele tuition series The Ukulele Way. He explains what it's all about right here...

When you've seen and heard James play his amazing no-loops-or-tricksversion of Billie-Jean, on YouTube, you become a fan... well, you do, don't you? Such creative virtuosity... and then, when you attend one of his workshops, as I did in Cheltenham at the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain last year, you learn what a fantastic teacher he is. And what a really nice fellow. Then, watching him top the bill at the Saturday night concert - you learn just how diverse his ukulele repertoire is.

Like I said, The Master... and now I - and you! - can be a regular pupil and learn at his (virtual) knee! And no, dear reader, I'm not being paid to post this! But, having seen the 6 free video lessons, I hereby declare that I'm signing up my $9/month for the whole programme.

It's stupendous.

Get in there....

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