Sunday, 15 June 2014

My ukulele wishes are few, but here's one..

The sound of the waves, blue sea, blue sky, sand, sun and my ukulele - I've now played my uke on a beautiful sandy beach in the Mediterranean, with a little solitude, (no-one too near), and it was wonderful, something on my wish-list achieved... so where else would I like to play?

Here's a place. I love daises - just common, ordinary daisies, the kind that plague people who like nice, green, manicured lawns - the photo above, I took from the window of a train as it stopped at a station on my way home from London the other week... those are not lawn daisies, they are big 0x-eye daisies, but just as lovely, I think..... and no, I don't want to play just there, with the trains rattling past! But it would please me no end to find a field or other large grassy place teeming with daises and sit there on a warm sunny day with a gentle breeze blowing, playing my uke.... and when it happens, I'll let you know...

"Daisies are our silver, buttercups our gold,
These are all the treasures I can have or hold..."

Thanks for looking in!

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