Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Home in Pasadena - "Ukey Dave" goes home

Ukey Dave

Since my last post post just a couple of hours ago, I've heard that my ukulele friend known as Ukey Dave died suddenly on 20th December.

A fellow member of the Ukulele Underground, I met him at the Great British Ukulele Festival in Cheltenham in June - you can read the post where I wrote about it - 23rd June 2014.

He kidded me into doing a little video with him on the Sunday morning, as we waited for the Big Busk to start. It's there on the page. Great company, it was a privilege to get to know him a little there and again at GNUF Huddersfield. We were in the same "make your own diddley-bo" workshop at GNUF and I appreciated his kindness and helpfulness. Jamming in the bar til after midnight too... good memories. I know he worked with vulnerable people and I've no doubt whatsoever that he excelled at that - a person who oozed gentleness and kindness.

RIP Dave, and most sincere condolences to your family ... you will be so sadly missed.

Here he is with one of my favourite Harry Warren songs, complete with both melody lines... Home In Pasadena

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