Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Blackpool Tram , the George Formby OBE, Launch Day 9th June 2012

In Blackpool on Saturday 9th June 2012, during the June Convention of the GFS, (George Formby Society) a the Boat Tram 604 was "launched" with the name George Formby OBE, to honour the Blackpool area's greatest star. A party of the Formby fan banjo ukulele players turned out in spite of the foul weather to ride on the inaugural journey of the open-top tram and play their banjoleles in honour of George. What a stalwart crowd! The weather did not faze them. Gerry Mawdsley, President of the GFS speaks at the beginning, all togged up in waterproofs... and watch carefully - you'll see a large umbrella blown inside-out on the tram!

"With me Little Stick of Blackpool Rock......"

And with thanks to the tram enthusiast, "dalrigh" who also braved the atrocious weather to film this for posterity!


  1. I was lucky enough to be on that tram and it was brilliant! We were soaked through and freezing but riding along on a tram named George Formby OBE, playing a banjo ukulele is not to be missed. I love this video!

  2. Thanks for your comment! I think you were all very brave, hardy souls, and I thoroughly admire your dedication! Something you'll never forget, though! And I do love the video...


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