Thursday, 21 June 2012

HE WAS A FRIEND OF MINE - Manitoba Hal, Ken Middleton & Gerald Ross

For the curious mind, of any age, life should be full of new experiences. A new experience for me over the last year or two has been watching Youtube videos... and I have recently discovered the "subscribe" button. So I now subscribe to Ken Middleton's channel. As many of you will know, Ken is a big ukulele man - there's wonderful playing by Ken on there, and he can sing - lucky devil.

This morning I noticed a video of Ken playing with friends, just a couple of weeks ago in Cheltenham, and one of them was Manitoba Hal Brolund. Having listened to Hal's latest album, Flirting with Mermaids, several times, I had to watch - and watch again - and then I just had to share it with you, it is superb.

Ken sings and plays an Ohana TK-35G, Hal is playing an Ohana TK-50G, and Gerald Ross is playing a Fender lap steel guitar. Wow. A fabulous blend of sounds, and Hal's inspired percussive additions to his strum lift the effect to another level. Must try to do that.....

If you want more where that came from, and to hear Manitoba Hal sing this time, watch Hal, Ken and ukulelezaza do Atlanta Moan - "wonderfully unrehearsed!" Go on, click it - I promise you, you'll be glad you did!

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