Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My Melancholy Baby, John Bianchi

Good morning - or evening, whatever and wherever you are... I think my brain's going because I was so sure I had posted published this superb rendition of My Melancholy Baby by the incomparable John Bianchi! In draft form, there it was... draft.

So here it is, My Melancholy Baby, and how gorgeous it is - so smooth, so effortless - wonderful song, wonderful voice... written in 1912, music by Ernie Burnett, the lyrics by George A. Norton. Should be a pro, John; should be a pro....

According to Wikipedia, Ernie Burnett, who composed the music, was wounded fighting in the First World War, and he lost his memory together with his identity dog-tags. While recuperating in hospital, a pianist entertained the patients with popular tunes including "Melancholy Baby". Burnett rose from his sickbed and exclaimed: "That's my song!" He had regained his memory.

Read more about it here.

And coming up - what a fabulous weekend we have just had at the March convention of the GFS (George Formby Society) in Blackpool! See you soon! :D

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