Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I Find a Uke Group!

Today, I have discovered, after months and years of strummin' along on my ownsome, that there is, after all, a local uke group, and it meets Wednesday afternoons. I'll be off there later today. It sounds like a very healthy and enthusiastic group from chatting to the lady who runs it, so I'm quite excited - they welcome banjo-ukes as well, to play in particular numbers - fair enough, because they are loud! So I'll be taking my treasured old lady Slingerland along to show off. I'm looking forward to seeing what ukuleles other people are playing, and chatting to other players, as well as playing with them. It's strange to think that ever since discovered playing the ukulele back in 2005, I've only ever met one other player, and that was in Colbeck's Music shop the other week. News on the group next time.

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