Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Ukafrolic - Strummin' With the Uke Group!

So I turned up for my first strum-and-sing-along with the local group that I found. Very enjoyable! I should have thought to take my music stand... it's a well-established group (Go Ukulele Crazy) run by Joanna Stevenson and I was made very welcome; everybody was well-used to 2, 3 and 4 chord songs - and all the ones we did, I hadn't done before, but because they had the basic chords only, I was able to stagger along quite happily. We finished off with Five Foot Two, and I left promising to return as soon as other commitments allow. I really did enjoy it, and although it wasn't a difficult session I was surprised at how tired I felt when I got home! It's funny; it is quite different, playing with others. I haven't done it since playing with the recorder consort at college - My God, that was a LONG time ago! Note to self - must get a uke strap.

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