Sunday, 29 April 2012

"It's A Sin To Tell A Lie"

This will take those rainy day blues away!

Written in 1936 by Billy Mayhew.

A popular song that has been recorded by many, including Fats Waller, Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, The Ink Spots, Vera Lynn and John Denver.

The clip was filmed in eugenie's studio and played on a Mahalo soprano.

How he makes that little ukulele sing! I just love this fella!


  1. Eugene is consistently one of my two or three favorite ukulele players. His interpretations are always exciting, his playing is wonderful, he picks great songs and he just has the most amazing feel for this material. Thanks for posting his playing!

    1. John, thanks for your comment - and I agree with you totally! His singing and playing always lift my spirits - a very talented guy!

      And ... do please let me know who your other favourites are!


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