Monday, 9 April 2012

Had me a Blast at the Music Shop

My ukulele.

It's time I got round to telling you what a great time I had the other week at one of the music shops hereabouts. I needed to kill some time away from the house, leaving LSH to deal with an unwanted double-glazing salesman. So off I went to Colbecks, to sample their ukuleles and compare them with my own humble, five year old Samick Greg Bennett UK50 concert uke. They sell quite a good range, compared to other shops I've been in lately, and I came away lusting after a £127 Tanglewood concert ukulele in Mango wood - or lacewood? Nobody seems sure, but it was a lovely-sounding uke, and it pained me to come away empty-handed. But I did. I wanted to try an Ashbury, the UK equivalent of Oscar Schmidt, and they don't stock them. But I whiled away a good hour or so, strumming and picking almost every uke in the place. The fellas in there were just great, I have to say, and I promised that if I chose the Tanglewood, I'd buy it from them..... they were so friendly and helpful, and I think the retail shop trade is suffering greatly from on-line traders. Anyway, a young man came in with teenage son in tow, also to look at and try out some ukes. He was pretty accomplished, and before long we had a little impromptu jam session going, with the store manager joining in on electric piano - absolutely wonderful! And I think that between us, we raised the awareness of ukuleles among the local guitar-men - But I've thought long and hard about the Tanglewood, and even though a few have come up at much reduced prices on ebay, I won't be buying one after all. Because if I did, I know now that it wouldn't satisfy - I want something that looks - well - more traditional. But beautiful. I'll know it when I see it - and hear it - and can afford it! And that may take some time......

Colbecks Music sell these ukuleles - Luna, Lani, Boulder Creek Rip Tide, Makala, Kala, Tanglewood, Lanikai, Mahala and Antonio Carvelho hand-made koa -top ukuleles from Portugal. Quite a choice, and they make sure the set-up is good.

I don't have an "interest".... honest. Nice fellas deserve the business.

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