Saturday, 21 April 2012

"Cherry Blossoms" - Original Instrumental for the Ukulele by Ukulelemike, Mike Lynch

A sunny spring morning, blue skies, cherry blossom - what a lovely day to enjoy this gorgeous video of ukulelemike Mike Lynch's own original ukulele instrumental, "Cherry Blossoms", arranged and performed by him. He's playing his Oscar Schmidt solid mahogany tenor. Cherry Blossoms is actually only one of three pieces of a trilogy that he calls The Dreamscape Trilogy. The other two pieces are called Paris Nocturne and River of Dreams.

You can find the tabs for the whole trilogy as well as many others in Mike's SOLO INSTRUMENTALS FOR THE UKULELE Vol.1. for sale on his website.

I have just bought this "e"book, which comes in pdf form, and I'm looking forward to tackling Cherry Blossoms. I've had a quick look, and the pieces vary in difficulty; some look easier to satisfy the novice finger-picker like me, and they do get harder - so there's plenty to keep you going. I'll have more to say about them when I've got "stuck in".... meanwhile do look on Mike's homepage for more information about them.

Thank you Mike for more inspirational music!

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