Friday, 27 April 2012

A Uke-less Week on Stage

Life for this ukulele lady is rather uke-less this week - it's more maid's outfits, hairpieces, tiaras, diamante and evening gloves. No, don't get the wrong idea, I haven't embarked on a new and questionable career! I'm treading the boards every night in a production of Die Fledermaus, a very funny light operetta by Johann Strauss! An amateur production, but audiences are reporting that it's extremely professional - our best show ever......can't be bad! I'm in the chorus, great fun; lots of singing, lots of "reacting" to the principals - who are, incidentally, just brilliant.... a bit of dancing... chocolates in the dressing room and a drink in the bar afterwards!

Two nights to go.....then back to my ukulele. Ahhhh......As the words of the opening chorus say, "Life is a Song!"

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