Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Here's eugeneukulele - On The Sunny Side Of The Street

This song is such a bright, happy number - written in 1930 by Jimmy McHugh, with lyrics by Dorothy Fields, it's one of those songs that is embedded in my childhood memories, a standard often heard on the radio. At my tap class it's a warm-up number, always guaranteed to bring a smile to the rainiest day, along with the tapping feet.

I love this version by eugeneukulele. He's a wonderfully talented ukulele player from Tasmania. There will be more of him on here... on my own ukulele journey I'm coming across so many amazing and talented people. They inspire me, show what's possible and give me something to aim for - aiming for the moon, methinks; I'll never get to these exalted heights, but the fun is in the journey, after all.

I trotted along to my newly discovered ukulele group this afternoon. Nineteen ukers, practising away for Sunday's performance at a village fete in Leicestershire. All easy two, three and four chord songs - until the last, which caught me stumbling and staggering from one chord to the next - chord changes which I'm not used to at speed, from Em to F for example - awkward. But good to be doing something that was stretching me and showing up weaknesses - just as I was starting to get cocky about blithely changing chords by feel alone - that'll teach me!

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