Thursday, 31 May 2012

A new Ukulele Hero, with Jazzy Ukulele - Glen Rose

Busy day, quickie post - you'll see I've joined the Top 100 Ukulele Sites; did it a few days ago - have been staggered to see us climbing up to number 28 today - amazing! I think it's down to the great videos of my ukulele heroes! But going down the list of websites there, I came across Jazzy Ukulele, by Glen Rose. A new hero for me.

He's a jazz man. You know, all my life, jazz has been one of the few genres of music that I declared I didn't like - but I do love those jazz chords... the quirks inside the chord that take them out of the normal triad.... and the way a progression of jazz chords creates tension and then resolves it. Music is such a weird thing, the way it affects you...

Glen has a couple of fantastic free videos on his homepage. I watched them both and would recommend... I learned a lot. He uses a low G string - go on, read his page!

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