Saturday, 26 May 2012

"I'm Sure of Everything But You" on Ukulele - John Bianchi

John is definitely on a roll. I had to post this one; his performance is simply sublime.

These songs from the 20's and 30's have a poignancy all their own, I find... and this song is particularly poignant. There is something of post-war heart-ache and dark days of the depression, whilst at the same time there's a dogged, rueful cheeriness about it. It hits the spot for me! John's delivery is, to my mind, masterful.

John writes "Here's a sentimental tune from 1932 that was a big hit - largely forgotten now. Everybody recorded it, from Annette Hanshaw to Nick Lucas - and May Singhi Breen had a hit with her husband Peter De Rose. This played on my Ohana CKP-70, which is a truly great instrument for the price!"

Enjoy...the perfect relaxation for a sultry summer day...


  1. Thanks for sharing this! What a great song and and a beautiful performance! Hm, I wonder where I could find the chords...

  2. Thanks for your comment! Yes, I love this one - I don't know about the chords; if John sees this comment, perhaps he'll let me know... thanks for looking in!


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