Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Two conversations and a big surprise - and a new uke-mate!

Last night was rehearsal night at our amateur operatic society. We've recently finished a show - my last on stage, as I've said on here before. But we have begun rehearsing for a concert in September - a first for us, and the singing is fun, different songs and arrangements from what we usually do. Afterwards it was down to the pub as usual for a bit of social. I was chatting to one of our main principals, a lady of huge vocal and acting versatility... and a rather direct way with talk. Somehow the subject got on to my uke and banjolele - not things that usually come into the conversation with this circle of mates, but at the party on Saturday I'd led a sing-along with my ukes and LSH (Long-Suffering-Husband) must have mentioned it. It's funny how a question can take you totally by surprise and unnerve you somewhat - like "How good ARE you?"

Straight away I came back with "Not very..." which is interesting because a thought that came straight into my mind at that point was that how "good" you are is completely relative - relative to how well others play. Compared to any of my ukulele heroes featured in this blog, I am total crap, of course. Never will be half as good as any of them. But compared to a real beginner who's just learning the first few chords, I know I've come a long way over the last six months. Still don't know what I should have said... think I'll ask the good folks on Ukulele Underground Forum...... they'll have some smart answers for sure!

I think the word "ukulele" must have filtered through to one of the groups of men from the society who were standing nearer the door as we were leaving. Another of our principals - a very nice young feller with a lovely tenor voice - told me that he has a pet uke and banjolele! I thought he was joshing with me, but no - it's true, he has indeed... so at last I find there is another uke freak in my social circle! It makes me feel quite excited, I don't know why....

Perhaps I could persuade him to do a video......? :D


  1. It's not the skill, the level, it's the smileyou get when you play!
    Happy strumming!

    Hy from Holland

    1. Ha-ha! And Hi from me! Thanks for your comment - and thanks for dropping in!


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