Sunday, 6 May 2012

What Happened when I put Uke Practice on my "To do" List

A few years back I'd been enthusiastically playing my ukulele for some weeks. I decided that it would be an awfully good idea and highly organized of me to schedule at least fifteen minutes daily ukulele practice, in order to make good progress.

Dear reader, I did a very foolish thing.

I wrote "fifteen minutes ukulele practice" at the top of my daily "to do" list.

Result? The uke sat on a shelf, unplayed, for two whole years.

You see, there is something of a rebel in me - and I'm daft enough even to rebel against myself. Things that have to be done will be put off until the last possible moment or, if possible, avoided altogether.

So now, I have learnt my lesson. My uke and banjolele are never scheduled - and you can guess the rest! ;)

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