Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Week for Biting Bullets

If there is one thing I excel at, it's procrastination. I can put things off for...ages. When I'm working myself up to tackle something I've been putting off, I have strategies to prepare myself. When I was teaching, to gear myself up for the mammoth task of end of year report-writing, I would tackle the ironing basket, another hated job - but when I'd done a load of ironing, I would feel that at least I could settle to the reports with a clearer mind.

At the beginning of this week, to prep myself for a monster paperwork job for a relative, I tidied my office, and felt SO virtuous... but the eight piles of paperwork now on my desk are a little easier to face in a nice, tidy environment.

I have also been putting off an overhaul for my PC. But over the last few weeks it has nearly gone out of the window just too many times, as it threw various tantrums and stormed out altogether, banging the virtual door behind it. So that bullet was bitten, too. Thanks to my friendly neighbourhood computer services, the gremlins inside have been banished one by one, and I now have a nice speedy system. Fabulous.

No excuse now for not installing a webcam and contributing to the "Noobs Challenges" on the Ukulele Underground Forum.

And I have done it! My first video! The challenge - "Put your best foot forward. Play for us the tune that you feel the most comfortable with. Not the fanciest or coolest or hardest. Just the one that you KNOW you can play and can play so well you finish and think "Hey, I did ok!"

So I have done Finlandia, ukulelemike's arrangement. Only once through, mind.....and now I'm wondering, should I post it here also? Or is that a bullet I really don't want to bite just yet? Hmmm........

As it has stopped raining at last after about seven solid weeks, and the sun is actually shining - I think I'll go and do some weeding instead......

Too much too soon........ :D

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