Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Living Water Strings - now Low G strings too! From Ken Middleton

If you like good fluorocarbon strings on your ukulele, and you use a low G string, you'll be pleased to hear Living Water Strings are now available from Ken Middleton with a low G option in concert and tenor sizes.

I am trying out the concert size and am thrilled with how it sounds and blends with the full set. Like the other Living Water Strings, there is a very pleasing crystalline ring to these strings - I will be writing in greater detail shortly - watch this space!


  1. These strings really did completely give my Kanile'a Tenor uke a whole new voice. They ring so sweetly, and bring our rich harmonies. Love them!

    1. Yes, a timely advance in fluorocarbons for the uke, I'm enjoying mine! Thanks for your comment!


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