Monday, 23 July 2012

Another one to knock your socks off - St. James Infirmary Blues - Eugene Ukulele

I just love Eugene's work, and there are many more folk who do, too... here's another great piece, St James Infirmary Blues. Eugene writes "This song has been adapted and performed by countless jazz, blues and folk musicians. Consequently, numerous versions abound with variant verses that focus on different aspects of the story. In my rendition I have left out the bar room scenes to highlight the death of the girl and the meditations of the protagonist on his mortality."The song was first collected in England in its version as "The Unfortunate Rake" by Henry Hammond by a Mr. William Curtis at Lyme Regis, Dorset in March 1906. Read more here.

Eugene has a great talent for putting over a blues song - he has a feel for the music and the lyrics that in the delivery of them just grabs you and won't let let you go until you've listened - at least twice.

Please Eugene, keep these comin'....... and your original songs, too!

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