Thursday, 26 July 2012

"Some of these Days".... I can get all the chords by ear!

Whether it was the tranquility of the summerhouse that did it, I don't know - but I was going through some pieces and songs the other day, and playing "I Wanna be like You" - the first chords being back and forth between Am and E7. I realised that they also sounded like the opening chords of "Some of These Days"

I tried to work out the rest, by ear - and here's the result.

Some of these [E7]days you'll miss me, [Am]honey

Some of these [E7]days you're gonna be so [Am]lonely

You'll miss my [F]huggin'; you're gonna miss my [C]kissin'

You're gonna miss me, [D7] honey, when I'm far a[G7]way

I feel so [C]lonely, for you [F]only

'cause you know, [A7]honey, you've always had your [Dm]way

And when you leave me [Cdim]you know it's gonna [C]grieve [A7]me

Gonna miss your [D7]big, fat mamma, your [G7]mamma some of these [C]days

Some of These Days, written and composed by Shelton Brooks, became a signature song for Sophie Tucker (1886-1966)styled "The Last of the Red Hot Mamas"

Noticed the diminished chord? Scrumptious!

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