Monday, 16 July 2012

Compelled to de-clutter, and feeling virtuous...

I'm not proud of it but I have to admit that LSH and I are quite capable of functioning surrounded by quite a degree of clutter. And I am just a little bit of a hoarder. But it gets to a stage where it starts to bug me - and then the feeling grows until I feel compelled to tackle it. When that happens, everything gets turned upside down, inside out, and then, for just a short time, that part of our home environment is worthy of actually being exposed to the gaze of visitors.

What set me off this time was a TV programme about people who are compulsive hoarders, severely disabled by an inability to throw anything away. I'm not usually around when LSH is watching it; I'm usually at my ukulele or my computer - but last week I was watching it with him - and there was a woman who, along with everything else, in a mountain of belongings and mess, had a massive pile of plastic bags. Unfortunately, that resonated with me in a big way... behind my chair in my "office" was stuffed away... a huge pile of plastic shopping bags! Well, they come in handy, don't they? When that programme finished I went straight upstairs to sort them out. God there were loads, I was surrounded by them when I pulled them all out - but I narrowed them down to half a dozen, and ditched the rest. Phew, that was a close call....

And I have finished the room - every shelf tidied, every drawer gone through - bits and bobs that I have "churned" for years, thrown out; little things set aside for the neighbours' children - drawers tidy, floor and desk top clear! I am feeling SO virtuous! And talk about multi-tasking - I did it whilst trying to sort out glitches and gremlins on my PC. It's amazing what you can do in a room while a computer takes over an hour to fail to download software..... and while you restrain yourself from throwing the thing out of the window.

So now I have a clear, polished desk-top to sort out and deal with some important paperwork, and tomorrow my PC goes to be upgraded and generally put to rights. That was another bullet I needed to bite...

I said the floor was clear - I lied - both my concert ukes are right behind me, propped up against the bookcase.

I think I'll play one... I've earned it.

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