Monday, 23 July 2012

An eventful sort of week, in many ways...

To all those who follow me here or otherwise click on a webpage during a search and arrive somewhat bemused on one of my pages .... well, welcome and thanks! I'm on a journey of discovery and delight with my ukuleles and am happy for you to tag along with me here.

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It has been a funny week... I got my computer sorted and upgraded, installed a webcam and posted my first Youtube video; I discovered the talent and history of Roy Smeck for the first time, thanks to a video a fantastic player posted on the Ukulele Underground Forum; I have been called "sassy" (for writing a blog) and "dynamic" (for organizing stuff)... people who know me better would probably choke over their cup of tea!

I have been given a surprise gift of a CD by Jake Shimabukuru by someone I've met only once... how lovely! I can't get over that - and I have just added "Taking a Chance on Love" to my "Summerhouse Practice List". What a great song - full of minor 6ths and minor 7ths... what delicious chords - had to go and play them down LSH's (Long-Suffering-Husband's) ear as he sat working at his own PC...

The summerhouse - yes, the sun is out, it's gorgeous, and I have sat for a while playing my uke down there, in the tranquility of the garden. Bliss. What a difference a little sunshine makes....

I've resolved to bite another bullet today; my lovely 90 year old vintage Slingerland banjo-uke has to be tackled. I was told at the GFS Convention that it needed some adjustments, but - in true style, I have been putting it off.

Today's the day.

Sharp intake of breath.

You all have a great day now. Or Evening. Whoever and wherever you are. And if you've got a uke - do play it today! :)

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